Lola Koundakjian’s articles and publications


Anthology of the Festival Internacional de Poesía, 2019, Santiago, Chile

Tuesday Night Live: A gathering of Curly’s Poets (2018) 

CAPITALS — a poetry anthology on the capital cities of the world edited by the award-winning poet-diplomat Abhay K (Bloomsbury 2017), ISBN-10: 9386141116

Anthology – Multilingual, the Americas Poetry Festival of New York, Artepoética, October 2016 ISBN-13 978-1-940075-46-4

100 New York Calligraphers by Cynthia M Dantzic, 2015, Schiffer Publishing, ISBN-13: 978-076434898

Poems for The Hazara, 2014, Kabul Press

Naji Naaman’s Literary Prizes, 2014, Beirut, Lebanon

Poems for Mamilla, An Otherworld Press Pamphlet, 2014, ISBN 978-0-9576854-1-3

Fornix, Number 12, 2013, Lima, Peru

The 5-2: Crime Poetry Weekly, Vol. 1, 2011-2012, Edited by Gerald So. Amazon Kindle Edition. Barnes and Noble Nook edition.

ԳՐԱԿԱՆ ՍՓՅՈՒՐՔ (Kragan Spiurk – Literary Diaspora) Number 1, published 2010 in Armenia. Excerpts can be found here.

Anthology Memoria del XX Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellin, 2010, Colombia

Articles, 1990 –

Armenian International Magazine, California, USA; Science and Technology correspondent

Armenian Weekly, Boston, USA, Arts and Culture articles

Armenian Reporter, USA, interviews with prominent figures in arts and culture

Books and manuscripts in development

The Accidental Observer, 2011, ISBN 978-0-578-06618-9 

Advice to a Poet, trilingual edition. ISBN 978-612-46469-7-3. November 2014, Amotape Libros, Lima, Peru. Finalist, Orange Book Prize, Armenia in 2012. Click here to see an excerpt of the manuscript.

Advice to a Poet, trilingual edition, US edition, ISBN 978-1-312-94683-5, 2015.

A third manuscript is circulating in 2017-8

Digital Story Telling

Hiroshima (2010). Clip available at

Three Armenian Artists (2012) – broadcast on Feb 25, 2012, with Armenian introduction on Voices of Armenians TV show


Founding editor, Journal of Armenian Association of Information Professionals (1994-1997)

Editorial Board member, Ararat Literary Quarterly (1995- 2012)

Poetry Editor, Ararat Online (2010 – 2012)

Curator and Producer, Armenian Poetry Project, 2006-Present

Co-editor, Rattapallax, Poems about Armenia, 2012

Grants and awards
2014 Naji Namaan Literary Prizes, Creativity category
2012 NoMAA Grantee, Literary Arts
2011 NoMAA Grantee, Literary Arts
2011 Mabel Fenner Scholarship
Columbia University, Zohrab Fellow


Constructive Forces program on Resonance FM, (radio), Azad-Hye,, Horizon Weekly (Montreal), Armenian Mirror-Spectator (Boston, USA) and the Armenian Reporter (USA);  Tenor de Brumas interview (Peru); Rattapallax (USA); The Alignist


(1990-Current)    Association Internationale des Etudes Arméniennes   

                            PEN USA, New York

                            Poets House, New York

                            Poets and Writers, USA
                            World Poetry Movement, Medellín, Colombia 

(2010-13)            Board Member, Armenian Center, Columbia University, USA

(2013-2018)        Bloom Reading Series, Hudson VIew Gardens, New York, NY

And Then journal (2018)

Whiskey Bar poem in Armenian, Horizon Weekly, Literary Supplement, December 2018

Geometries, in Poems and Illuminations series. March 2018

Colophon poem in Armenian, Յիշատակարան, Հորիզոն Գրական, յունուար 2018

One (Jacar Press) 

Memories, published in Blood and Thunder, 2017, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Atelier Poesia (Switzerland) 2016

Imaginary Correspondence, ԵՐԵՒԱԿԱՅԱԿԱՆ ՆԱՄԱԿԱՆԻ, Armenian Weekly, March 2016

Fog, Մարախուղ, Hairenik, March 2016

Moods, 2 Horatio, Fall 2015

In Search of Rilke at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Naugatuck River Review, Summer 2014, issue 12

A la busca de Rilke en el Museo Metropolitano de Arte, Traducción del inglés de Benjamín Valdivia

Luvina No 79, Verano 2015, la revista literaria de la Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico.

Awakening, Big City Lit, Fall 2013 / Spring 2014

Café Reggio, Enchanted Verse, Calcutta, India, Winter 2013

The Fly, Horizon Weekly, December 2013, Montreal, Canada

A trip to Egypt, Mizna, December 2012

The cadavers off Ocean Parkway, Long Island, Poetic Justice Press, March 2012At Holy Cross, Ararat, Fall 2011

Featured poet, Pakin, September 2009, Beirut, Lebanon.

My New Bookcases will arrive in a week, Armenian Weekly, December 2008

Three Cups of Heaven, Armenian Weekly, October 2007

Recordings (disenbodied voice)

Solemnity.Poets voices in a wall sound sculpture with video projection,  2010. Exhibited at Pratt Institute, New York, part of “A Blind Dates Project” curated by Neery Melkonian and Defne Ayas. 


Works by 19th-20th century Armenian poets, including Zahrad and Irma Adjemian, have been translated for the Armenian Poetry Project, and have consequently appeared in Dora Sakayan’s Western Armenian for the English-speaking world, Yerevan State University Press, 2012

Volunteer work

Bloom reading series, ad-hoc board member, Washington Heights, NY 2013-2018


alpialdelapalabra Argentina

Armenian Poetry Project, New York City

Literary GROONG University of Southern California

Mediterranean poetry, 2010 Sweden 

UniVerse, Chicago

Articles and academic conference publications
In Search of a Standard Armenian Keyboard, Armenian International Magazine, March 1991. Reprinted in Newsletter No 15 of the Association Internationale des Etudes Arméniennes, the Netherlands, October 1991.

Giving the Gift of Life: Bone Marrow Transplants among Armenians, Armenian International Magazine, July, 1991

Computers in Armenian Studies: Information Retrieval, Storage and Archiving.  Armenian perspectives: 10th Anniversary Conference of the Association Internationale des Etudes Arméniennes, edited by Nicholas Awde, 1993

CD-ROM TECHNOLOGY: Possible Applications in Armenian Philology. Computers in Armenian Philology, Yerevan, Armenia, 1993

Armenians in Cyberspace: CD-ROMS vs. On-Line.
The Society for Armenian Studies, 1995 (JSAS Volume 6)

Preserving the Written Word: Computer Aided Archiving. VIIth General Assembly of the Association Internationale des Etudes Arméniennes, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, September 1996

CD-ROM technology in Armenian Philology,Journal of the Society of Armenian Studies, Volume 9, 1999


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